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Beekeepers who understand bees, salvaging honeybees and providing them a place to be productive.

Surviving honeybees as a pest…

In a wall, in a tree, in the eave of a roof, honeybees often look for new homes and can pick yours! Aside from the inconvenience and discomfort of sharing your home with a swarming insect, honeybees can cause serious damage to your house, inside and out.

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Poisoning a colony is not an effective solution – it only results in a worse situation Click To Expand Text

and bigger mess as the dead bees decompose, attrracting other pests. The honey and wax breaking down from the heat and the pests, cause the honey and debris to seep thru the Sheetrock and walls causing staining and damage. This cost homeowners both time and money to repair the damage.
Unfortunately, most pest companies will not remove honeybees or hive.

Houston Bee Removal’s Mission: Providing superior quality services in a professional manner.

We put your house back together with the materials that were removed during the bee removal process. We do not seal your house due to the extent of the work involved Bee Proofing Your Home.