Saving The Bees

Our honeybee removal service has over 50 years of beekeeping experience. Our family has been removing honeybees for two generations in harris and the surrounding counties. Picking up swarms and removing honeybee colonies from homes, apartments, and office buildings is a hard and messy job, but we do it and do it right!


Here are some of our bee yards (Apiaries )

Extraction methods vary widely depending on where and how the colony is situated (in the roof, eaves, wall even in garden or dormer windows); how long they’ve been there; and what building materials are to be removed (siding, sheet rock, or brick) to access the bee hive.

We practice chemical-free extractions when we remove bees and hives. For the safety of you, ourselves and Mother Nature we are not NOT a pest control company.

We vacuum the bees into a cage and move them to the country where they can forage and establish their new hive in one of our apiaries. Then we manually remove and recycle all of the

We are always looking for new apiaries attached is a flier to assist in our search, Apiary Flier.

We have a list of carpentry and contractors to help with any building repair as well as bee proofing your home, or if you prefer you may use your own building repair expert.